BioSiS / Département Biology, Signals and Systems in Cancer and Neuroscience

The Department of Biology, Signals, and Systems in Cancerology and Neurosciences (BioSiS) brings together the research activities of CRAN in the fields of cancerology, neurosciences, and signal and image processing.

It develops fundamental, translational, and clinical research activities according to these three thematic axes and addresses health issues by promoting the interaction between researchers in biological health and information sciences.

The department offers this interdisciplinary research framework by relying on a balanced team of researchers in signal/image processing, cellular and molecular biology, and hospital practitioners. The scientific ambitions range from the development of fundamental knowledge to translational and clinical research (transfer of know-how, medical strategies, and innovative devices).

The BioSiS department also maintains close ties with hospital institutions (Lorraine Cancer Institute, CHRU of Nancy, and CHR of Metz-Thionville) for the development of clinical research programs.

The BioSiS department is composed of 5 project teams.