BioSiS - Biopsies liquides et optimisation thérapeutiques (BLOT)
Animateur :  Stéphanie GRANDEMANGE

Descriptif :

This project aims to optimize the diagnosis and treatments of cancers, particularly those with poor prognosis such as pancreatic cancer and triple-negative breast cancer, through two main challenges. On one hand, the detection of circulating tumor DNA, genetic material released by the tumor during necrosis, apoptosis, or other active cellular processes, is considered for applications in early detection, theranostics, patient monitoring, evaluation of surgical quality, and early detection of cancer relapse (an important research axis of the Lorraine Cancer Institute). On the other hand, through a strong consortium of collaborations combining molecular modeling, synthetic chemistry, and biology, the project is bringing forth original compounds that specifically target DNA/RNA nucleic acids. Characterizing their anticancer effects on tumor cells and the associated immune system enables the proposal of innovative new therapeutic approaches. The detection of nucleic acids, their molecular anomalies, and their targeting for diagnostic or therapeutic applications are major challenges in cancer research.

Mots-clés : Liquid biopsy, nucleic acid, anticancer therapy, molecular markers, diagnosis

Contact : Stéphanie Grandemange