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Waldomiro Alves Ferreira Neto, Cristiano Alexandre Virgínio Cavalcante, Phuc Do. Deep reinforcement learning for maintenance optimization of a scrap-based steel production line. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, Elsevier, 2024, 249, pp. 110199  [+]
Javier Fontanet, Juan Yuz, Hugues Garnier, Arturo Morales, Juan Pablo Cortés, Matías Zañartu. Continuous-time model identification of the subglottal system. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, Elsevier, 2024, 95, pp. 106394  [+]
Duc-Hanh Dinh, Phuc Do, Van-Thanh Hoang, Nhu-Thanh Vo, Tao Quang Bang. A predictive maintenance policy for manufacturing systems considering degradation of health monitoring device. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, Elsevier, 2024, 248, pp. 110177  [+]
Saeed Akbari, Moslem Sheikhkhoshkar, Farzad Pour Rahimian, Hind Bril El Haouzi, Mina Najafi, Saeed Talebi. Sustainability and building information modelling: Integration, research gaps, and future directions. Automation in Construction, Elsevier, 2024, 163, pp. 105420  [+]
Moslem Sheikhkhoshkar, Hind Bril El Haouzi, Alexis Aubry, Farook Hamzeh, Farzad Rahimian. From process-based to technology-driven: a study on functionalities as key elements of collaborative planning methods for construction projects. Production Planning and Control, Taylor & Francis, 2024, pp. 1-22  [+]
Harsh Oza, Irinel-Constantin Morărescu, Vineeth Varma, Ravi Banavar. Optimal switching for networked control systems with information multiplexing. IFAC Journal of Systems and Control, Elsevier Ltd., 2024, 28, pp. 100263  [+]
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