Ph. D.s [Proposed] [Assigned] Masters [Proposed] [Assigned] PostDocs [Proposed] [Assigned] Projects
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Control by dynamic programming: robust stability guarantees
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Urbanloop control: from individual pods to network
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Reinforcement Learning based Health Aware Control Design - Application to Autonomous Systems
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Uniqueness of coupled tensor models with shared and distinct factors
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Data-driven Robust Detection of Operational Drifts in Pilot Units
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Characterization of the modifications of skin optical properties with carcinogenesis in order to define bio-optical markers of skin carcinoma differential diagnosis, using multimodal spectro-imaging methods.
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Interest in the analysis of circulating nucleic acids in patients with borderline resectable pancreatic carcinoma treated with neoadjuvant mFolfirinox with or without preoperative concomitant chemoradiotherapy, ancillary study to the PANDAS- PRODIGE 44 trial, TransPANDAS study
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
The combined effect of NRP-1 inhibition and radiotherapy on the immune response of medulloblastoma: a new treatment perspective
2024/09/01 2026/01/01
Data-Driven Control for Multivariable Systems
2024/04/01 2027/03/31
Green hydrogen production management: sizing, modeling and optimization
2023/11/01 2026/10/30
Neural basis of visual attention and its modulation of visual perception
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Dynamic diagnosis for nonlinear process. Application to a liquid-liquid extraction recycling unit.
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Dynamic reconfiguration of a scalable network of communicating objects, under service and energy constraints, by simulation
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Data-driven Optimal Fault-Tolerant Control
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
The future of digital twins towards the acquisition of cognitive skills through Polyadic Concept Analysis.
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Validation of a prostate tumor risk calculator, with a new personalized PSA analysis model and lifestyle based on artificial intelligence
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Heterogeneous data processing (EEG/ERG/clinical data) for the diagnosis of bipolar disorder
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Orchestration of pollution/QoS-aware control strategies for SD-IIoT
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Development of a tool to assist awake surgery of brain tumors based on statistical learning methods
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Multimodal spectro-imaging and machine learning methods for bio-optical characterization of skin cancers
2024/10/01 2027/09/30
Analysis and design of networked k-contractive systems
2024/09/01 2027/08/31
Automatic generation of a Digital Twin for intelligent management of water networks.
2024/09/01 2027/08/31
Uniqueness and Recoverability of Coupled Statistical Factorization Models with Mixed Measurements
2024/09/01 2027/08/31
Recoverability and uniqueness of statistical factorized models with mixed (continuous and discrete) measurements
2024/09/01 2027/08/31
Stable inversion of ill-posed operators with nonlinearly structured solution spaces
2024/05/01 2027/04/30
Control and state observer design of under-actuated and/or constrained nonlinear systems. Application to 2D-3D robots.
2024/04/22 2027/03/31
Use of a confocal microscope in the operating room: feasibility study in determining excision margins for cutaneous and oral/ oropharyngeal mucosa carcinomas  [Marie-Louise CONSTANT]
2024/04/09 2027/03/31
Social cognition in low grade glioma  [Marie FOREST-DODELIN]
2024/01/01 2027/12/31
Enhancing Industrial IoT Smart Object Servitization with 5G Network Capabilities"
2023/12/01 2026/11/30
Data-driven modeling for building and updating digital twins of cyber-physical systems: application to the ANR JUNEAU project
2023/10/16 2026/10/15
Restricted model control of a tilt-body convertible drone.  [Amélie CARRIEROU]
2023/10/13 2026/10/12
Biologically realistic computational modeling of hippocampal electrical activity and plasticity in an animal model of schizophrenia  [Sarah HAMDI CHERIF]
2023/10/10 2026/10/09
Control of interconnected systems by dynamic programming: stability and robustness guarantees  [Jonathan DE BRUSSE]
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Robust control of an electric furnace to optimize energy consumption
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Physics-informed data-driven system identification for data-efficient reinforcement learning for control  [Théo RUTSCHKE]
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Robustness of specific switching control laws for platooning
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Failure prognostics for manufacturing system with sensor data uncertainty  [Nguyen Trung Thanh THAI]
2023/09/18 2026/09/17
Co-Engineering of regeneration systems and products throughout the product life cycle  [Martin SAUTEREAU]
2023/09/14 2026/09/13
"Individual and Collective Decarbonization Strategies: An Approach at the Interface of Game Theory and Neuroscience."  [Thomas MONGAILLARD]
2023/09/07 2026/09/06
Sparse Control  [Pierre CAVARE]
2023/09/07 2026/09/06
Anti-tumour impact of GPER membrane estrogen receptor expression and functionality on glioblastoma  [Alice GANTNER]
2023/08/28 2026/08/27
AI-based machine learning and reasoning for predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0  [Huu Truong LE]
2023/06/01 2026/05/30
Development of an on-board electronic devices based on advanced estimation algorithms for improving resilience of autonomous and connected vehicles  [Quang Huy NGUYEN]
2023/06/01 2026/05/31
Impact of noise on learning healthcare professionals performing operational tasks in a confined space  [Anne-Sophie LAMOTTE]
2023/05/31 2026/05/30
AI-based predictive maintenance for a photovoltaic power plant  [Jorge RUIZ AMANTEGUI]
2023/05/25 2026/05/24
The Human Digital Twin in the Cyber Physical Enterprise  [Ben GAFFINET]
2023/05/23 2026/05/24
Intelligent data-driven and occupant-centric control for building energy efficiency  [Oumaima AIT-ESSI]
2023/04/07 2026/04/06
2023/04/07 2026/04/06
Clinical data fusion with deep neural networks for improved diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome  [Faustine FACCIN]
2023/04/06 2026/04/05
Digital Twin for CPS cognitive interoperability  [Jana AL HAJ ALI]
2023/03/01 2026/02/28
Picture naming decline after left temporal lobe epilepsy surgery  [Insafe MEZJAN]
2022/11/07 2025/11/06
Executable Model-Based System Requirements Engineering (eMBRE) for early System requirements Validation and Design Verification (V&V)  [Cyril BACQUET]
2022/10/27 2025/09/30
METHOD - FroM the EarTH to the ClOuD : Decision support holistic approach for eco-designing smart systems  [Sevra CICEKLI]
2022/10/14 2025/10/15
Failure prognosis and decision-making for predictive maintenance of a hydrogen power using Artificial Intelligence  [Soufian ECHABARRI]
2022/10/14 2025/10/13
Model-Based SoI and Manufacturing systems Co Engineering Framework, for early concurrent architecture tradeoff  [Eliott DUVERGER]
2022/10/13 2025/10/12
Input redundancy for hybrid systems  [Valessa VALENTIM VIANA]
2022/10/13 2025/10/12
Agile architectures for collaborative Smart IoT nodes with decentralised and swarm intelligence  [Clément RUP]
2022/10/13 2025/10/12
233 / 5000 Résultats de traduction Liquid biopsy for the evaluation of clonal heterogeneity, tumor evolution and survival in patients with hormone-dependent breast cancer treated with anti-CDK4 / 6 - CICLADES, CICLADES CE and ITMO evolution  [Margaux BETZ]
2022/10/07 2025/10/06
Observer design for multi-cell lithium-ion batteries  [Mira KHALIL]
2022/10/06 2025/10/05
Adaptive control of switched affine systems subject to an unknown periodic exogenous input by harmonic synthesis  [Flora VERNEREY]
2022/09/28 2025/09/27
Physics-informed methods for learning low-rank models in polarization imaging. Application to cancer cell detection in bio-imaging.  [Saulo CARDOSO BARRETO]
2022/09/16 2025/09/15
Human factors and dynamic production scheduling  [Yacine Khalid HEFIED]
2022/08/30 2025/07/24
Self-Adaptive blockchain framework for distributed SDN  [Rachid GUEDJALI]
2022/04/26 2025/04/25
Machine learning and data fusion for environmental monitoring. Application to risk exposure prevention in working environments.  [Narech HOUESSOU]
2022/04/01 2025/02/28
Formalisation and evaluation of logistics flows in a circular economy context: the case of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars  [Ala'a SHQAIRAT]
2022/03/11 2025/03/10
Study and development of a space adaptive greenhouse  [Echrak CHNIB]
2022/03/10 2025/03/09
Electrophysiological biomarkers of hemispheric lateralisation and language ability with fast periodic stimulation  [Marion MARCHIVE]
2022/02/28 2025/02/27
Formal methods for knowledge extraction and reuse from heterogeneous sources for semantic interoperability of distributed architectures  [Mariano Julian FERREIRONE]
2022/02/21 2025/02/20
Detection and characterization of numerical cognitive biomarkers obtained by visual periodic stimulation and multi-scale EEG recordings.  [Tom QUETU]
2022/02/02 2025/01/02
Semi-automatic formalisation of a knowledge repository supporting the digital twin for building renovation: application to the IsoBIM project  [Moslem SHEIKHKHOSHKAR]
2021/12/02 2024/12/01
Modeling and control of biomedical models  [Hasni AREZKI]
2021/12/01 2024/11/30
French adaptation of a scale assessing work difficulties of patients with Multiple Sclerosis and proposal for individualized remediation at a distance from the cognitive disorders that can induce them.  [Heloïse JOLY]
2021/11/26 2024/11/25
Collaborative and multi-level planning of construction sites based on Lean and BIM  [Haya NAANAA]
2021/11/22 2024/11/21
Supervised statistical and machine learning methods for multi-class skin cancer classification exploiting multidimensional datasets from in vivo UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging and optical coherence tomography  [Valentin KUPRIYANOV]
2021/11/10 2024/11/09
Diagnosis et prognosis of Alzheimer disease with fast periodic stimulation in electrophysiology  [Justine DAVID]
2021/10/15 2024/10/14
Metal-based nanoparticles to optimize the effects of radiotherapy of brain tumors.  [Lucie LEROUGE]
2021/10/14 2024/09/30
Learning-Based Hybrid Estimation Architectures for Smart Tracking of Vehicle  [Hichem BESSAFA]
2021/10/08 2024/10/07
Synthesis of unsupervised control law for reliable operation in the presence of component degradation  [Soha KANSO]
2021/09/14 2024/09/13
Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control of LPV systems  [Gustave BAINIER]
2021/09/14 2024/09/30
Stabilization and controllability of Stefan's problem  [Blaise COLLE]
2021/09/02 2024/09/01
Functionalization of Quantum Dots in the near infrared and quantification of fluorescence on cell models: application to fluorescence-guided surgery of ENT cancers  [Luca DIRHEIMER]
2021/04/29 2024/10/30
Monitoring of migratory birds in the Annaba/Tarf wetland (Algeria) by deep-learning through wireless multimedia sensor networks  [Aya SAKHRI]
2021/02/18 2024/06/30
Development of a digital twin integrating functional physical models, failures, ageing/degradation phenomena and control systems  [Gael HEQUET]
2020/10/05 2024/08/31
Characterization of the health status of waste products for the management of the waste regeneration process  [Gautier VANSON]
2020/04/15 2024/06/30
Research of new therapeutic targets in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.  [Andréa WITZ]
2024/06/03 2024/07/26
Real-time data processing for automatic detection of industrial machine failures using data-driven and symbolic artificial intelligence.
2024/03/04 2024/08/30
Heterogeneous data analysis for the identification of bipolar disorder
2024/03/01 2024/07/31
Data-Driven Control for Multivariable Systems
2024/03/01 2024/08/31
Analysis and design of networked k-contractive systems
2024/03/01 2024/08/31
Learning on low-rank tensors : application to clustering fMRI data
2024/02/19 2024/08/19
Metrological characterization of the IPAM bimodal optical imaging device: study on optical phantoms and image pre-processing
2024/05/03 2024/09/30
Optimization of neural network training for battery state-of-charge estimation  [Antoine KICKENS]
2024/05/02 2024/09/30
Brain source localization based on iterative regression methods  [Clément ETIENNE]
2024/04/11 2024/09/30
: Learning for safe control design: Application on Autonomous Vehicles (Quanser Qcar)  [Satya Vinay Chavan MARTHI]
2024/04/02 2024/09/30
Domain adaptation for lifetime prediction of industrial batteries  [Emilio Norberto ABATA]
2024/04/02 2024/09/30
Autonomous and Connected Vehicle: Estimation of Variables Required for Vehicle Tracking  [Selsabil BOUGHERARA]
2024/04/02 2024/09/06
Urbanloop pods control  [Letizia LICITRA]
2024/04/01 2024/09/27
Model Predictive Control (MPC) for safe control design: Application on Autonomous Vehicles (Quanser Qcar)  [Runkun LUO]
2024/03/11 2024/09/10
System monitoring/ Safety interaction for control systems: Application to nuclear power plant  [Sylvain BERNATEAU]
2024/03/11 2024/08/11
Multimodal spectro-imaging and machine learning methods for bio-optical characterization of kidney stones in the UV-Visible-NIR-FIR-THz ranges  [Rena Royce BIEDA NANDA]
2024/03/11 2024/09/13
Regeneration Paradigm Applied to Space Debris  [Teddy GREZES]
2024/03/01 2024/08/31
Identification of nonlinear systems based on deep learning. Application on an autonomous vehicle model.  [Mohammed El Hadi ZERGA]
2024/02/01 2024/07/31
Creation of an anisotropic planned target volume in brain radiotherapy  [Suzy PHULPIN]
2024/01/10 2024/06/21
Study of BRCA1 and RAD51C promoter methylation and implication on homologous recombination deficiency in patients with ovarian, breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer.  [Cassandra MICHEL]
2024/01/10 2024/06/21
Interest in studying the genomic profiles of gastroesophagial carcinoma on response to chemotherapy  [Imen BARI]
2024/10/01 2025/09/30
Stability, Uniqueness, and Adaptation of Low-Rank Matrix and Tensor Decompositions in the Presence of Perturbations
2024/07/01 2025/06/30
Machine Learning for predictive maintenance optimization of reconfigurable manufacturing systems
2024/05/13 2025/05/13
Job offer: 12-month fixed-term contract, Research Engineer in Software Engineering
2024/10/07 2026/07/31
Algebraic and tensor methods for polarimetric phase retrieval
2024/09/01 2025/08/31
Stability of uniqueness results of low rank decompositions in the presence of perturbations
2024/08/01 2025/07/31
Flexible low-rank matrix and polynomial decompositions: uniqueness and algorithms
2024/07/01 2025/06/30
Multimodal spectro-imaging and machine learning methods for bio-optical characterization of biological tissues in the UV-Visible-NIR-FIR-THz ranges: applications to in vivo diagnosis of human skin cancer and kidney stones
2024/03/01 2024/06/30
Evaluation of the impacts of maintenance operations on the degradation process of digital twin components of a nuclear reactor
2024/03/01 2025/03/01
Development of the architecture supporting the Digital Twin for the Emergency Department  [Abir ISMAILI - ALAOUI]
2024/02/01 2025/01/05
Digital twins for cyber-physical production systems: from data to cognition  [Emmanuel ZIMMERMANN]
2023/12/07 2024/12/06
5G based digital twin architecture for process supervision and control  [Mehdi KHERBACHE]
2023/11/15 2024/11/22
Combination of diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and autofluorescence spectroscopy with line-field confocal optical coherence tomography for skin cancer in vivo diagnosis: spectroscopic data processing and analysis, light-tissue interaction modelling and experimental validations  [Sergey ZAYTSEV]
2023/10/02 2024/10/01
Contributions to Building Digital Engineering & Digital thread using models  [Paul ORTIZ]
2023/04/03 2025/04/02
Categorization of own- and other-race faces and ingroup bias: a developmental approach  [Simen HAGEN]
2023/04/03 2026/04/02
Neural basis of face and visual word recognition and their interaction  [Corentin JACQUES]