BioSiS - Systèmes, Radiations ionisantes & Nanomédecine en Neuro-Oncologie (SyRaNNO)
Animateur :  Sophie PINEL

Descriptif :

The SyRaNNO project is part of the field of neuro-oncology, with a focus on primary and secondary brain tumors. Leveraging the multidisciplinary expertise of the team members (clinicians, biologists, physicists, and data scientists), this project aims to better understand, predict, and control the cellular plasticity and dynamics of tumors in the brain environment when subjected to standard treatments (combining surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy) or innovative therapeutic strategies. We are specifically interested in: Optimizing innovative therapies that include ionizing radiation (particularly when combined with inorganic nanoparticles), relying on integrative dosimetry (physical, biochemical, and biological) for better tumor control; Developing digital and mathematical tools capable of modeling phenomena at molecular, cellular, or tissue scales to account for tumor progression and response to treatments. To achieve our objectives, we rely on existing technical facilities (histology, molecular biology, cellular biology...) and on the BioSiS department's platforms (OptiRad, PhotoVivo).

Mots-clés : Liquid biopsy, nucleic acid, anticancer therapy, molecular markers, diagnosis

Contact : Sophie Pinel