BioSiS - Signals and Models for Neuroscience (SIMONE)
Animateur :  Radu RANTA

Descriptif :

The project's objective is to develop models and tools for analyzing brain signals. It is primarily organized around signals obtained from multi-scale and multimodal electrophysiological measurements such as EEG, SEEG, ERG, and micro-electrodes, conducted in vivo (in humans) or in vitro (on animal models). The methodological challenges involve the mathematical formalization and resolution of inverse problems specific to neuroscience (source estimation/separation), denoising, detection, and classification (biomarkers, spike sorting), as well as estimating relationships between the various measured or estimated signals (connectivity, inter-scale and/or intermodality coupling, etc.). Through external collaborations, the developed methods aim to assist in diagnosing and monitoring patients with cognitive, neurological, or psychiatric disorders, as well as in developing computational models of these diseases. Additionally, this methodological research, despite its specificities in terms of modeling the addressed problems, maintains strong connections with other projects in the department (SiMul for signal processing and SyRaNNO for neuro-oncology).

Mots-clés : inverse problems, brain source estimation, classification, electrophysiological biomarkers, connectivity

Contact : Radu Ranta