The work of the laboratory is supported or validated through numerous equipment and / or software. We distinguish technical platforms (internal unopened devices), platforms (open devices made available to the community and / or invoiced), and software. These equipments are owned by the laboratory or shared with educational partners, other laboratories, industrialists or the University Hospital Center. They are present on the various sites of the CRAN and participate in the actions of Scientific and Technical Culture of the laboratory.

Technical platforms
Electric vehicle with embedded intelligence (Vir'Volt)
QuadriRotor QBall
Embedded networks in space launchers (RELanS)
Digital Engineering for Construction (INC)
Interactive and safe industrial process control (SAFETECH - CISPI)
Fluorescence imaging of the small animal (Fluovivo)
Experimental modeling, identification and control of photodynamic therapy (MEXICO-PDT)
Video-reconstruction of cutaneous wounds version A (VRPCa)
Approved animal house - housing of immunocompromised animals
Physical characterization of nanoparticles
Droplet digital PCR
Laboratory on cables
Tracilogis-Multimodal Imaging Platform (PIM)
Irradiator / preclinical imager (OptiRAD)
TELeMAintenance (TELMA)
Multi-scale EEG recording by macro and micro electrodes
Non-invasive recording of neural activity using high density EEG (Biosemi)
Characterization of biological tissues by multispectral optical spectroimaging label free methods applied to cancer diagnosis (PhotoVivo)
Use of hydrogen in the context of renewable energy and energy storage (Hydrogen)
PROduction & REGeneration SyStem 4.0 (ProGreSS4.0)