BioSiS - PhotoDiagnostic Imaging & Biomedical Optics (PHOTODIAG)
Animateur :  Henri-Pierre LASSALLE

Descriptif :

The multidisciplinary team of the PhotoDiag project brings together fundamental and clinical research strengths in three complementary areas of expertise: health, biology, and signal/instrumentation. The team develops its work in its recognized fields of expertise: photodiagnostics and preclinical and clinical phototherapy, photobiology and nanomedicine in oncology for theranostics, and in vivo optical spectro-imaging. The project's issues fully align with those of the department, which offers innovative and multidisciplinary methodological, experimental, and digital approaches to address health questions in diagnostics and therapeutics for precision medicine. Locally, the project maintains a sustainable partnership with the Lorraine Cancer Institute and the Nancy University Hospital.

Mots-clés : Photodiagnostic, spectro-imagerie, traitement d’images, classification, apprentissage profond, cancérologie

Contact : Henri-Pierre Lassale