Masters [Proposed] [Assigned] Projects
2022/06/01 2022/07/31
Implementation of the RedWolf algorithm in an experimental platform.
2022/03/01 2022/08/31
Learning physical features from polarimetric images with constrained matrix factorizations
2022/03/01 2022/07/31
Markovian and Semi-Markovian Input-Output models for prognosis.
2022/02/01 2022/07/31
Input redundancy for switched systems
2022/05/16 2022/10/14
Wireless communicating objects energy optimization by using a digital twin of the network
2022/05/16 2022/09/30
Batteries for cleaner computing : a proposed holistic decision-making approach
2022/04/01 2022/07/31
Interactions and Diffusion Learning between Industrial Communicating Objects  [Clément RUP]
2022/04/01 2022/09/30
Application of stochastic game models to the problem of climate change agreement design  [Anthony COUTHURES]
2022/04/01 2022/08/31
Fault tolerant control architecture of bi-directional AGVs in presence of sensors' failures.  [Jeyasuriya MURUGANANTHAM]
2022/04/01 2022/08/31
Tracking of Autonomous and Connected Vehicles  [Denakpo Jenius CODJIA]
2022/04/01 2022/08/31
3D and 4D data processing with quaternion tensor decompositions  [Osimone IMHOGIEMHE]
2022/02/28 2022/08/26
Classification by machine learning methods of optical spectra acquired in healthy human skin (patients) according to biological parameters characteristic of healthy skin  [Ahmed Amine ZGHAL]
2021/11/01 2022/10/31
Electrical Source Imaging of interictal and ictal discharges in drug-refractory frontal lobe epilepsies, during simultaneous SEEG-scalp EEG recordings structurelles frontales enregistrées simultanément en EEG de surface et en SEEG.  [Valentin HESS]