Ph. D.s [Proposed] [Assigned] Projects
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
definition of 3D digital twin for logistics containers : an optimization problem
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Study of the effects of in vitro starvation on the response of breast cancer cells to chemotherapy
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Robust and precise localization methods by VLC
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Nonlinear cooperative observers with non-fixed dimension
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Learning in stochastic dynamic games
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Wood Products Digital Twin: From Design to Use
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Fast and robust estimation of dynamical systems: a hybrid approach
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control of LPV systems
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Stabilizing, robust, optimal data-driven control of discrete-time nonlinear systems
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Study of Data Aggregation Mechanisms in Holonic Systems: Application to Energy Efficiency in Buildings
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Synthesis of unsupervised control law for reliable operation in the presence of component degradation
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Improving Resilience and Reliability of Interconnected Nonlinear Control Systems by Using Advanced Estimation Schemes
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Dynamics of multi-agent systems in presence of external influencers in competition
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
COSPESIM - System co-specification of system models in co-simulation
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Observer Design for Nonlinear Systems - Towards the End of LMI Relaxations
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Foreseeing sawmills' production through 3D cloud points analysis and machine learning algorithms
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Machine learning in control of complex systems. Application to cable robots.
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
3D software sensors design for a class of coupled non linear PDE. Deep Learning and parallel computing on Explor-Grid5000
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Characterization of the health status of waste products for the management of the waste regeneration process
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Machine Learning based IEEE 802.15.4-TSCH Scheduling for Low Power Industrial Wireless Networks
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Low-rank matrix factorizations for polarimetric imaging. Application in bio-imaging.
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Cellular mechanisms of facial identity coding in humans
2019/10/01 2022/09/30
Observers and control design of non linear systems under constraints. Application to cable robots
2019/10/01 2022/09/30
Recursive and antropocentric control architecture based on BIM for both energy and air quality optimization in complex building.
2019/10/01 2022/09/30
Biologically plausible computational modeling and forward problem of the synchronous cerebral activity during periodic visual stimulation
2019/11/04 2022/11/03
Involvement of neuropilin-1 in the progression of medulloblastoma
2019/11/02 2022/11/01
Modeling and Control of Plants Described by PDEs with Application to Biological Systems
2019/11/01 2022/10/31
Methodological tools for the modeling and the analysis of interconnected hybrid systems
2019/11/01 2022/10/31
Methodology for developing the remaining potential of manufacturing systems from (prognostic-decision support) coupling for its exploitation in production
2019/11/01 2022/08/31
Finite dimensional control of a class of nonlinear partial differential equations.
2019/11/01 2022/09/30
Sensor and actuator optimal location for dynamic controller design. Application to active vibration reduction in a galvanizing process.
2019/10/10 2022/09/30
Mitigating Home Carbon Emission in designing a Smart Storage Driver System  [Paul ORTIZ]
2019/10/04 2022/09/30
Machine learning and hybrid system identification  [Louis MASSUCCI]
2019/10/02 2022/10/31
Relationships between activities at cellular and macroscopic scales. Application to the human face recognition system.  [Pauline JURCZYNSKI]
2019/10/02 2022/09/30
Sensitivity analysis for dynamic models with multivariate outputs  [Axelle HEGO]
2019/10/01 2022/09/30
Machine Learning-based Failure prognosis and decision support optimization for predictive maintenance combining expert knowledge and process data  [Antonin GAY]
2019/10/01 2022/09/30
Estrogen receptors expression and activity during gliomagenesis and brain tumor progression  [Alex HIRTZ]
2019/10/01 2022/09/30
Design of New Finite State Dynamical Systems Admitting a Matrix Rep- resentation: Application to Cryptography  [Hamid BOUKERROU]
2019/09/30 2022/09/30
Specification of a communication protocol for IoT supporting "Blockchain" in Software Defined Networks  [Guilain LEDUC]
2019/09/30 2022/09/30
Reliable SDN automation of time-sensitive and dependable networks  [Loic DESGEORGES]
2019/09/30 2022/09/30
Optimal output control  [Baparou DANHANE]
2019/07/16 2022/06/13
Synchronization of multi-agent systems with state-dependent topologies and two time-scales dynamics  [Bikash ADHIKARI]
2019/05/27 2021/02/03
Fault Tolerant methods Design for a fleet of autonomous vehicules against faults/failures based on multi-agent systems  [Juan Antonio VAZQUEZ TREJO]
2019/05/15 2022/04/14
Design of a dynamic co-simulation architecture based on the BIM : application to the coupling of building thermal simulation and occupant behaviour.  [Habtamu Tkubet EBUY]
2019/05/10 2022/02/14
Analysis of large-scale brain networks underlying human face perception  [Viviana Del Rocio HERNANDEZ CASTANON]
2019/03/20 2022/03/31
Model-based standards development ecosystem for the factory of the future  [Marion TOUSSAINT]
2019/02/04 2022/02/03
3D reconstruction of thermal images. Application to medical diagnosis  [Rafael BAYAREH MANCILLA]
2019/01/28 2022/01/28
State observers and control of a class of coupled PDE. Application to Vlasov-Poisson equations  [Amadou CISSÉ]
2019/01/11 2021/11/01
A smart business process assessment method for enterprises decision support  [Nelson Marcelo ROMERO AQUINO]
2018/12/04 2021/08/31
Toward an anthropocentric approach for hybrid con-trol architectures: case of a furniture factory  [Etienne VALETTE]
2018/12/04 2021/08/31
Evaluation and prediction model for the impact of New Product Introduction on tactical planification in the context of Cyber Physical Factories  [Julie BIBAUD-ALVES]
2018/11/26 2021/11/25
Contribution to the identification of dangerous situations and their detection through the analysis of deviations from the production equipment. Application to an automatised line  [Romain DUPONNOIS]
2018/10/02 2021/09/30
Neuromodulation of epileptic and cognitive network in the visual ventral stream using transcranial electrical stimulation based on reciprocity principle.  [Samuel LOUVIOT]
2018/10/02 2021/09/30
Communication aware control for multi-agent systems  [Jomphop VEETASEVEERA]
2018/10/01 2021/09/30
Predictive maintenance for multi-component production systems with dependences  [Duc Hanh DINH]
2018/10/01 2021/11/01
Test plan optimization methodologies for the reliability assessment of optoelectronic components  [Minh Tuan TRUONG]
2018/10/01 2021/09/30
Selection and analysis of models for biological networks: use ofdifferent heterogenous knowledge for biological networks disrupted by pathologies  [Athénaïs VAGINAY]
2018/09/18 2021/09/30
Multimodal data fusion: a low-rank approximation perspective  [Clémence PREVOST]
2018/09/03 2021/04/14
Contribution to functional observers design. Application to control and fault diagnosis.  [Carlos RIOS RUIZ]
2018/06/07 2020/08/30
Fast methods for contraint tensor decompositions. Application to high-dimensional data.  [Laura BILIUS]
2018/05/18 2021/01/31
Secure and Reliable Transfer of Cardiac Signals on Internet  [Yaël KOLASA]
2018/05/14 2019/11/14
Hand gesture classification and secured intrabody communication (IBC)  [Romain HUET]
2018/05/03 2021/04/11
Personalisation in Cyber Physical Social Systems: the case of personalised recommendations in physical spaces  [Bereket Abera YILMA]
2018/05/03 2020/11/30
Contribution to the formalisation of invariant modelling constructs for optimising the sustainability performances of Cyber-Physical Systems  [Concetta SEMERARO]
2018/03/14 2021/01/07
Dynamic dependability assessment of a control architecture throughout its life cycle  [Grâce BOYER]
2018/03/02 2021/01/31
Contribution to safety specification and demonstration, for autonomous vehicles, based on situation and usage scenarios and on their probabilistic evaluation.  [Florence Tchoya KONE]
2018/02/15 2021/01/31
Communicating materials and BIM: Study of the Distributed Data Management problems  [Hang WAN]
2018/01/24 2020/12/31
Harmonic study of interconnected power systems  [Nicolas BLIN]
2018/01/15 2020/03/31
Methodology for Hierarchical Classifier Design Application to wood pieces classification in relation with textural aspect and finishing quality.  [Radouan DAHBI]
2018/01/13 2021/01/12
« Multifactorial modeling for a decision-aid tool in the case of chemotherapy treatment of low-grade diffuse glioma »  [Cyril BRZENCZEK]
2018/01/11 2020/12/14
Infrared fluorescence guided surgery : optimization of tumoral cells labeling  [Claire JURAS]
2017/11/16 2020/09/30
Control and observation of nonlinear systems under limited processing power  [Mohamed ID SAID]
2017/11/06 2020/08/31
Control of energy consumption in buildings: development of optimal solutions to optimise energy performance.  [Farah GABSI]
2017/10/17 2020/09/30
Dynamic Probabilistic Graphic Model applied to the prognosis and the remain useful life estimation of flow distribution system.  [Kamrul Islam SHAHIN]
2017/10/12 2020/09/30
Decentralised intelligent control for multi-carrier microgrids applications  [Sif Eddine BENAHMED]
2017/10/10 2020/09/30
Feasibility of the 3D hollow organ cartography using 2D endoscopic images  [Tan-Binh PHAN]
2017/09/30 2020/09/30
Investigating the ventral visual stream in temporal lobe epilepsy using a new electrophysiological approach  [Angélique VOLFART]
2017/09/29 2020/09/28
Optical spectroscopy for skin photobiological characterization in a clinical environment: surgical guidance for non-melanoma skin cancers?  [Grégoire KHAIRALLAH]
2017/09/21 2020/08/31
Robust localization system using Visible Light Communication technology for underground mines  [Fabian Esteban SEGUEL GONZALEZ]
2017/07/20 2019/12/31
Adaptive observers design for LPV systems: Application to control and diagnosis  [Abraham Jashiel PEREZ ESTRADA]
2017/05/29 2019/12/02
Fault Diagnosis and prognosis & health management (PHM) for autonomous unmanned Vehicle and a fleet of autonomous unmanned Vehicles  [Ricardo SCHACHT RODRIGUEZ]
2017/05/12 2019/11/30
Molecular mechanisms of Bhas 42 cell induced-transformation after cell exposure to silicia nanoparticle  [Anaïs KIRSCH]
2017/04/27 2020/04/02
System identification for satellite attitude control  [Carlo NAINER]
2017/03/06 2019/11/21
Linear Parameter Varying model identification of aerodynamic coefficients  [Dawid MACHALA]
2017/03/03 2020/03/31
Analysis of formal solutions for the knowledge clustering in cooperative system engineering.  [Mickael WAJNBERG]
2017/02/21 2020/03/14
Designing new manufacturing control approaches in the context of factory of the future.  [Tsegay Tesfay MEZGEBE]
2017/02/02 2019/12/02
Software Defined Network for greening internet communications  [Md. Mohaimenul HOSSAIN]
2017/01/31 2019/12/06
Elimination of the impact of network resilience in a video stream transport by implementation in a SDN architecture constrained by the existing infrastructure  [Constant COLOMBO]
2017/01/03 2020/01/02
Modeling and reuse of expertise in Model-Based Systems Engineering: Application to aircraft electrical distribution systems  [Quentin WU]
2016/12/05 2019/11/13
Statistical Processing of Electrophysiological Signals for Characterization of Cardio-Respiratory Health  [Pauline GUYOT]
2016/12/01 2020/08/31
Stability analysis of optimal control with infinite-horizon discounted cost  [Mathieu GRANZOTTO]
2016/11/04 2020/03/16
Fault detection and isolation method design with reliability assessment in distributed networks  [César Tlakaélel MARTINEZ VILLEGAS]
2016/10/24 2019/12/12
Fast algorithms for polarized hyperspectral data processing. Application to on-line processing of wood material.  [Ludivine NUS]
2016/10/01 2019/11/12
Intratumoral transport mechanisms of different pharmacological formulations of photosensitizers.  [Ilya YAKAVETS]
2016/10/01 2019/12/31
Breast cancer : study of cancer stem cells in the context of chemotherapy potentialisation by thiazolidinediones derivatives  [Claire MULLER]
2016/10/01 2019/11/18
Sparse algorithms for inverse problems involving highly resolved signals and images  [Thi Thanh NGUYEN]
2016/10/01 2019/11/14
Extraction de marqueurs électrophysiologiques et modélisation mathématique de l'hippocampe épileptique  [Amélie AUSSEL]
2016/10/01 2019/12/31
Combining techniques of formal verification and probabilistic assessment for determining the degree of confidence in safety critical digital systems  [Margaux DUROEULX]
2016/10/01 2019/12/20
Model inversion and separation of optical spectroscopic signals for in vivo characterization of skin tissues  [Prisca RAKOTOMANGA]
2016/05/12 2019/12/05
Detection, location and identification for automatical human tracking in open space multiview scene in interaction with its environment.  [Florent LEFEVRE]
2015/05/19 2020/08/31
Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant control of Renewable Energy Production Systems.  [Abderrahmane JARROU]
2014/11/03 2020/09/30
Modeling of response to chemotherapy in diffuse low-grade gliomas  [Marie BLONSKI]