Masters [Assigned] Projects
2023/01/05 2023/06/05
Impact of GPER receptor expression and activity on glioblastoma aggressiveness
2022/11/15 2023/05/15
Characteristics of MRDM algorithms: A comparison between RCA, PCA, and Graph-FCA
2022/05/16 2022/09/30
Batteries for cleaner computing : a proposed holistic decision-making approach
2022/04/01 2022/09/30
Application of stochastic game models to the problem of climate change agreement design  [Anthony COUTHURES]
2021/11/01 2022/10/31
Electrical Source Imaging of interictal and ictal discharges in drug-refractory frontal lobe epilepsies, during simultaneous SEEG-scalp EEG recordings structurelles frontales enregistrées simultanément en EEG de surface et en SEEG.  [Valentin HESS]