Masters [Proposed] Projects
2020/03/01 2020/07/31
Health Aware Control System Design for Reusable Cryogenic Liquid Rocket Engines
2020/03/01 2020/07/31
Implementation of a predictive control system for the optimization of an electrical network integrating renewable energies.
2020/02/03 2020/09/03
Towards a better understanding of Lithium-ion batteries: multiple-material models and estimation
2020/02/01 2020/08/31
Riemannian distance for Stokes images. Application to polarimetric data clustering in biology.
2020/02/01 2020/08/31
Inverse problems in Stokes imaging. Application to biological imaging.
2020/02/01 2020/07/31
Analysis of data coming from real-time measuring instruments, for spatio-temporal mapping of air pollutants in working environnements
2020/03/02 2020/09/03
Towards better management systems for Lithium-ion batteries: exploiting observers for electrical equivalent circuit models
2020/02/01 2020/10/31
Interactions between interictal epileptic activity, hippocampal spindles and mnesic consolidation in patients with epilepsy explored with SEEG
2020/01/27 2020/06/27
Centralised IEEE 802.15.4-TSCH Scheduling based on the SDN Paradigm for the Industry 4.0
2020/01/06 2020/06/20
Impact of metabolic reprogrammation of triple negative breast cancer cells mammospheres on their sensibility to chemotherapy agents.