Masters [Proposed] [Assigned] Projects
2023/04/01 2023/09/30
Autonomous and Connected Vehicle: Estimation of the Necessary Variables for Vehicle Tracking
2023/04/01 2023/09/30
Electrical microgrid fault estimation and diagnosis using synchrophasors
2023/02/01 2023/08/31
State of charge and parameters on-line estimation for lithium-ion batteries
2023/03/15 2023/09/14
Sparse control
2023/03/06 2023/08/25
Sensitivity analysis of time-varying parameters: application to green roof model
2023/03/01 2023/07/31
Efficient and sober control strategies for IoT architectures
2023/03/01 2023/08/31
Robustness of specific switching control laws for platooning
2023/03/01 2023/09/30
Joint learning to compensate missing features in machine prognostics
2023/02/13 2023/08/13
Characterization of the SpectroLive clinical database and development of artificial intelligence methods for the classification of healthy states of human skin (phototypes, apparent skin age in particular).
2023/02/01 2023/06/30
Study of brain mechanisms of face discrimination through EEG (electroencephalogram) surface measurements in relation to face recognition performance through behavioural tests
2023/02/01 2023/06/30
Characteristics of MRDM algorithms: A comparison between RCA, PCA, and Graph-FCA
2023/01/03 2023/06/16
Role of claudin in the formation of brain metastasis from TNBC  [Mathilde STORHAYE]