Masters [Proposed] Projects
2022/02/01 2022/09/01
Modeling and estimation of lithium-ion batteries with flat output current voltage
2022/02/01 2022/09/01
From the lithium-ion cell to the battery: electrochemical modeling and state estimation
2022/02/01 2022/07/31
Input redundancy for switched systems
2021/10/01 2022/03/31
Open Science Benchmarking framework
2022/01/10 2022/03/07
Neuropsychological assessment of face recognition in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy
2022/01/03 2022/07/01
Liquid biopsy for evaluation of clonal heterogeneity and tumor development in patients with hormone-dependent breast cancer treated with anti-CDK4 / 6
2021/11/01 2022/10/31
Electrical Source Imaging of interictal and ictal discharges in drug-refractory frontal lobe epilepsies, during simultaneous SEEG-scalp EEG recordings structurelles frontales enregistrées simultanément en EEG de surface et en SEEG.