Masters [Proposed] [Assigned] Projects
2021/03/30 2021/08/30
Improvement of the residual end-of-life estimation of a LRE combustion chamber
2021/03/01 2021/09/01
State of charge estimation of Lithium-ion batteries based on advanced equivalent electrical models
2021/03/01 2021/09/01
State of charge and total capacity on-line estimation of Lithium-ion batteries
2021/02/01 2021/07/31
Data fusion (geolocation, 3D scanner, etc.) for spatio-temporal mapping of workspace air pollutants
2020/06/01 2020/12/31
Experiments on the application of Relational Concepts Analysis(RCA) methods to heterogeneous data from neurological examinations (MRI-f and EEC).
2021/03/01 2021/08/31
Synthesis of advanced control laws for position control of drones
2021/03/01 2021/08/31
Benchmarking framework of blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technologies) platform
2021/03/01 2021/08/31
Towards a sustainable blockchain-based prosumer system (network) in Smart Grid
2021/01/11 2021/07/09
Visual ventral stream neuromodulation using transcranial direct current stimulation : SEEG analysis of electrophysiological biomarkers
2021/01/06 2021/06/25
Study of the concordance between skin oxygen saturation measurements carried out by an innovative non- contact optical imaging device and a reference medical device in elderly subjects with skin vascular disorders or chronic wounds
2021/01/04 2021/06/30
Evaluation of tissue oxygenation in elderly patients hospitalized in geriatrics or vascular surgery with obliterating arterial disease of the lower limbs or chronic wounds.
2020/10/05 2021/06/20
Quantum Dots targeting by integrins in the 3D model of the cancers of oral cavity  [Luca DIRHEIMER]