Ph. D.s [Proposed] [Assigned] Masters [Proposed] [Assigned] PostDocs [Proposed] [Assigned] Projects
Ph. D.s [Proposed]
2019/10/01 2022/09/30
Relationships between activities at cellular and macroscopic scales. Application to the human face recognition system.
2019/10/01 2022/09/30
Biologically plausible computational modeling and forward problem of the synchronous cerebral activity during periodic visual stimulation
2019/10/01 2022/09/30
Estrogen receptors expression and activity during gliomagenesis and brain tumor progression
Ph. D.s [Assigned]
2019/03/25 2022/02/14
Analysis of large-scale brain networks underlying human face perception
2019/02/04 2022/02/03
3D reconstruction of thermal images. Application to medical diagnosis  [Rafael BAYAREH MANCILLA]
2018/10/02 2021/09/30
Neuromodulation of epileptic and cognitive network in the visual ventral stream using transcranial electrical stimulation based on reciprocity principle.  [Samuel LOUVIOT]
2018/10/01 2021/09/30
Selection and analysis of models for biological networks: use ofdifferent heterogenous knowledge for biological networks disrupted by pathologies  [Athénaïs VAGINAY]
2018/09/18 2021/09/30
Multimodal data fusion: a low-rank approximation perspective  [Clémence PREVOST]
2018/06/07 2020/08/30
Fast methods for contraint tensor decompositions. Application to high-dimensional data.  [Laura BILIUS]
2018/05/18 2021/01/31
Secure and Reliable Transfer of Cardiac Signals on Internet  [Yaël KOLASA]
2018/05/14 2019/11/14
Hand gesture classification and secured intrabody communication (IBC)  [Romain HUET]
2018/01/15 2020/03/31
Methodology for Hierarchical Classifier Design Application to wood pieces classification in relation with textural aspect and finishing quality.  [Radouan DAHBI]
2018/01/13 2021/01/12
« Multifactorial modeling for a decision-aid tool in the case of chemotherapy treatment of low-grade diffuse glioma »  [Cyril BRZENCZEK]
2018/01/11 2020/12/14
Infrared fluorescence guided surgery : optimization of tumoral cells labeling  [Claire JURAS]
2017/10/10 2020/09/30
Feasibility of the 3D hollow organ cartography using 2D endoscopic images  [Tan-Binh PHAN]
2017/09/30 2020/09/30
Investigating the ventral visual stream in temporal lobe epilepsy using a new electrophysiological approach  [Angélique VOLFART]
2017/09/29 2020/09/28
Optical spectroscopy for skin photobiological characterization in a clinical environment: surgical guidance for non-melanoma skin cancers?  [Grégoire KHAIRALLAH]
2017/05/12 2019/11/30
Molecular mechanisms of Bhas 42 cell induced-transformation after cell exposure to silicia nanoparticle  [Anaïs KIRSCH]
2017/01/11 2019/08/31
Impact of ER36 ligand exposure on mammary gland development and carcinogenesis  [Charlène THIEBAUT]
2016/12/05 2019/10/04
Statistical Processing of Electrophysiological Signals for Characterization of Cardio-Respiratory Health  [Pauline GUYOT]
2016/10/24 2019/09/30
Fast algorithms for polarized hyperspectral data processing. Application to on-line processing of wood material.  [Ludivine NUS]
2016/10/01 2019/09/30
Sparse algorithms for inverse problems involving highly resolved signals and images  [Thi Thanh NGUYEN]
2016/10/01 2019/09/30
Extraction de marqueurs électrophysiologiques et modélisation mathématique de l'hippocampe épileptique  [Amélie AUSSEL]
2016/10/01 2019/09/30
Model inversion and separation of optical spectroscopic signals for in vivo characterization of skin tissues  [Prisca RAKOTOMANGA]
2016/10/01 2019/09/30
Intratumoral transport mechanisms of different pharmacological formulations of photosensitizers.  [Ilya YAKAVETS]
2016/10/01 2019/09/30
Breast cancer : study of cancer stem cells in the context of chemotherapy potentialisation by thiazolidinediones derivatives  [Claire MULLER]
2015/10/02 2019/08/31
Multiscale brain functioning analysis: forward and inverse problems in micro and macro-electrodes  [Harry TRAN]
2014/11/03 2019/08/31
Modeling of response to chemotherapy in diffuse low-grade gliomas  [Marie BLONSKI]
Masters [Proposed]
2019/03/01 2019/08/31
Extraction and classification of action potentials (spike sorting)
2019/02/04 2019/07/31
Nonnegative greedy algorithms for simultaneous sparse approximation
Masters [Assigned]
2019/04/02 2019/10/02
Optimal control with time-varying horizon
2019/02/14 2019/06/28
Deleterious mutations induction in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in pancreatic cancer adenocarcinoma cell-lines using CRISPR- Cas9  [Andréa WITZ]
2019/01/08 2019/06/28
Interest of using mTHPC-loaded extracellular vesicles  [Solène POSTY]
2019/01/07 2019/06/28
Qualification and quantification of cell-free DNA extracted from plasma and globular pellet: cell-free tumoral DNA extraction optimisation  [Claire FRANCZAK]
2019/01/07 2019/07/05
Impact of estrogen receptor expression/activity during gliomagenesis  [Alex HIRTZ]
PostDocs [Assigned]
2018/10/19 2019/08/31
Interest of the quaternionic formalism to the unmixing of polarized hyperspectral images  [Julien FLAMANT]