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2020/11/01 2023/10/31
Deep learning representation pre-trainning for industry 4.0
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Robust and precise localization methods by VLC
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
definition of 3D digital twin for logistics containers : an optimization problem
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Wood Products Digital Twin: From Design to Use
2020/02/20 2023/02/20
Game theory-based algorithms to control intelligent manufacturing systems
2020/11/01 2023/10/31
AI-based proactive maintenance decision-marking for industry 4.0
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Foreseeing sawmills' production through 3D cloud points analysis and machine learning algorithms
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Machine Learning based IEEE 802.15.4-TSCH Scheduling for Low Power Industrial Wireless Networks
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Characterization of the health status of waste products for the management of the waste regeneration process
2020/03/05 2022/04/14
Design of a dynamic co-simulation architecture based on the BIM : application to the coupling of building thermal simulation and occupant behaviour.  [Habtamu Tkubet EBUY]
2020/03/05 2022/09/30
Machine Learning-based Failure prognosis and decision support optimization for predictive maintenance combining expert knowledge and process data  [Antonin GAY]
2020/02/25 2022/10/31
Methodology for developing the remaining potential of manufacturing systems from (prognostic-decision support) coupling for its exploitation in production  [Ayoub DRISSI]
2019/10/10 2022/09/30
Mitigating Home Carbon Emission in designing a Smart Storage Driver System  [Paul ORTIZ]
2019/09/30 2022/09/30
Specification of a communication protocol for IoT supporting "Blockchain" in Software Defined Networks  [Guilain LEDUC]
2019/09/30 2022/09/30
Reliable SDN automation of time-sensitive and dependable networks  [Loic DESGEORGES]
2019/03/20 2022/03/31
Model-based standards development ecosystem for the factory of the future  [Marion TOUSSAINT]
2019/01/11 2021/11/01
A smart business process assessment method for enterprises decision support  [Nelson Marcelo ROMERO AQUINO]
2018/12/04 2021/08/31
Toward an anthropocentric approach for hybrid con-trol architectures: case of a furniture factory  [Etienne VALETTE]
2018/12/04 2021/08/31
Evaluation and prediction model for the impact of New Product Introduction on tactical planification in the context of Cyber Physical Factories  [Julie BIBAUD-ALVES]
2018/11/26 2021/11/25
Contribution to the identification of dangerous situations and their detection through the analysis of deviations from the production equipment. Application to an automatised line  [Romain DUPONNOIS]
2018/10/01 2021/09/30
Predictive maintenance for multi-component production systems with dependences  [Duc Hanh DINH]
2018/10/01 2021/11/01
Test plan optimization methodologies for the reliability assessment of optoelectronic components  [Minh Tuan TRUONG]
2018/05/18 2021/01/31
Secure and Reliable Transfer of Cardiac Signals on Internet  [Yaël KOLASA]
2018/05/03 2021/04/11
Personalisation in Cyber Physical Social Systems: the case of personalised recommendations in physical spaces  [Bereket Abera YILMA]
2018/03/14 2021/01/07
Dynamic dependability assessment of a control architecture throughout its life cycle  [Grâce BOYER]
2018/03/02 2021/01/31
Contribution to safety specification and demonstration, for autonomous vehicles, based on situation and usage scenarios and on their probabilistic evaluation.  [Florence Tchoya KONE]
2018/02/15 2021/01/31
Communicating materials and BIM: Study of the Distributed Data Management problems  [Hang WAN]
2018/01/15 2020/11/30
Methodology for Hierarchical Classifier Design Application to wood pieces classification in relation with textural aspect and finishing quality.  [Radouan DAHBI]
2017/10/17 2020/09/30
Dynamic Probabilistic Graphic Model applied to the prognosis and the remain useful life estimation of flow distribution system.  [Kamrul Islam SHAHIN]
2017/03/03 2020/07/29
Analysis of formal solutions for the knowledge clustering in cooperative system engineering.  [Mickael WAJNBERG]
2017/01/03 2020/07/31
Modeling and reuse of expertise in Model-Based Systems Engineering: Application to aircraft electrical distribution systems  [Quentin WU]
2020/06/01 2020/12/31
Experiments on the application of Relational Concepts Analysis(RCA) methods to heterogeneous data from neurological examinations (MRI-f and EEC).
2020/02/01 2020/07/31
Communicating material control under services and energy constraints
2020/02/01 2020/07/30
Stability of energy control of a Wireless Sensor Network
2020/03/02 2020/08/31
Evaluation of the regeneration level using stochastic automata  [Gautier VANSON]
2020/02/11 2020/07/11
Centralised IEEE 802.15.4-TSCH Scheduling based on the SDN Paradigm for the Industry 4.0  [Mehdi KHERBACHE]
2020/01/02 2021/01/01
Design and development of SDN controllers (published the 08/11/2019)  [Md. Mohaimenul HOSSAIN]