The Research Center for Automatic Control (CRAN) is a joint research unit between the University of Lorraine and the French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) - Institute for Information Sciences and Technologies (INS2I) and Institute for Engineering and Systems Sciences (INSIS) [+]
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Presentation of the insigna and title of Doctor Honoris Causa to Dragan Nesic

Control Identification Diagnosis
Eco-Technic systems engineering
Biology, Signals and Systems in Cancer and Neuroscience
Events/News [+]
05/11/2019 News
A look back at the science festival and the night of the 80th anniversary of the CNRS   [+]
06/11/2019 News
Marie Millard winner of the 2019 Thesis Prize   [+]
18/11/2019 News
PhD students day   [+]
18/11/2019 Ph.D. Thesis Defense
Algorithmes glouton orthogonaux non-négatifs   [+]
20/11/2019 Seminar
Dr Damiano ROTONDO
Post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Robotics - Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain)   [+]
20/11/2019 Seminar
Radu Stoica (IECL)
Shadow Simulated Annealing algorithm: a new tool for global optimization and statistical inference   [+]
Last publications [+]
Philippe Guillot, Gilles Millérioux. Flatness and submersivity of discrete-time dynamical systems. IEEE Control Systems Letters, IEEE, 2020, 4, pp. 337-342  [+]
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Arturo Padilla, Hugues Garnier, Peter Young, Fengwei Chen, Juan Yuz. Identification of continuous-time models with slowly time-varying parameters. Control Engineering Practice, Elsevier, 2019, 93, pp. 104165  [+]
Christophe Fonte, Houda Meddeb, Michel Zasadzinski. Stabilization of polytopes of plants by their vertices. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, Wiley, 2019, 29, pp. 6398-6418  [+]