Ph. D. Project
Designing new manufacturing control approaches in the context of factory of the future.
2016/10/01 - 2019/09/30
The 4th industrial revolution involves major changes in our factories and supply chains. In particular, the
emergence of Cyber Physical System (CPS) or Smart Systems which can be seen as Interacting networks of physical
and computational components will provide the foundation of many new factories infrastructure, form the basis
of emerging and future smart services, and improve the quality of both products and processes.
Those new industrial infrastructures will dramatically impact the use of traditional centralised systems used to
manage and control the manufacturing activities like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Supply Chain
Management (SCM) and will impact also the implementation of approaches like Lean or TPM.
In fact, in order to provide overall efficient production performance and ensure reactivity face to unpredicted
events, the industrial experiences and research activities have demonstrated the interest of a hybrid control
system that couple a predictive centralised mode when the manufacturing schedules are generated based on
optimization or heuristic algorithm (Implemented on ERP or SCM systems) with a distributed mode based on the
reactivity of CPS that could consider every event. The design and control of such socio-technical eco-systems
capable to adapt their behaviour to the changing environment is a big challenge. This involves multi-domain
cross-sectoral integration within the plant, digital simulation, collaborative automation, mass data processing,
lean manufacturing and heterogeneous data.
The objective of PhD is to explore the use of simulation as a support for decision-making in the design and
management of these new ecosystems taking advantages from the " big data" coming from CPS.
The results of the Phd project will be demonstrated using Tracilogis, a technological platform based at ENSTIB/
fiber and wood Campus ( Thus, the domain of
application will be in preference wood industry, textile and fibrous base material.
ENGINEERING). This Research group is focused on the manufacturing domain with regards to: Some concepts :
From integrated production system ... to intelligent production system, Product-based control system, Factory of
the Future paradigm (Industry 4.0). Some means: Machine tools, Automation system - PLC, Local networks,

The interested applicant must justify good skills on simulation methods and tools, on manufacturing control
system and production management approaches (Lean, TPM, Six-sigma...).
Eco-Technic systems engineering