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Sujet de Thèse : Système robuste de localisation par lumière visible : application au domaine de l’exploitation des mines souterraines
Dates : 2017/01/01 - 2019/12/31
Directeur(s) CRAN : Nicolas KROMMENACKER , Patrick CHARPENTIER
Autre(s) Directeur(s) : SOTO Ismael (
Description : The growing development of solid-state lighting (SSL) components, particularly light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in the last decade, has led to the re-emergence of optical wireless communications. Visible Light Communications (VLC) offers a good example of promising optical wireless technology finding application in short-distance communication and digital signaling, smart lighting, intelligent transportation systems, entertainment, among others.
Indoor positioning systems based on VLC technology is another potential application which can be easily implemented without extra cost, when lighting sources are deployed as a part of the establishment of indoor environments. However, positioning systems in underground mines are still a challenging issue mainly due to the extreme environmental conditions, affecting the signal propagation and hence the accuracy of such systems.
The objective of this PhD thesis is to study and develop robust localization system using Visible Light Communication technology that work, even in difficult scenarios and under realistic assumptions. Localization algorithms can be divided into two categories: range-based and range-free. Range-free algorithms depend on proximity sensing or connectivity information to estimate the object locations. Range-based algorithms estimate the distance between nodes using signal measurements such as time of arrival (ToA), time difference of arrival (TDoA), received signal strength (RSS), or angle of arrival (AoA). These two approaches have inherent pros and cons in terms of accuracy, robustness, cost, and scalability. Both will be explored in this thesis.
Mots clés : Communication par lumière visible, méthodes robustes, technique de localisation
Conditions : Candidat Fabian Seguel actuellement inscrit en Thèse à l’Université de Santiago du Chili (USACH)
Inscription prévue à l’UL en Septembre 2017.
La thèse proposée est en cotutelle entre l’Université de Santiago du Chili et le l’Université de Lorraine
Bourse du gouvernement Chilien (Beca de Doctorado Nacional)
Département(s) :
Ingénierie des Systèmes Eco-Techniques
Financement : Bourse du gouvernement Chilien (Beca de Doctorado Nacional)