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Ph. D. Project : Predictive grouping maintenance for multi-dependent component systems
Dates : 2016/04/07 - 2019/03/31
Student: Ho Si Hung NGUYEN
Manager(s) CRAN: Benoît IUNG , Van Phuc DO
Full reference: The aim of this thesis is to propose adequate predictive grouping maintenance models for multi-dependent component systems. This work is structured in three major phases:
(1) Development of novel deterioration models at component level taking into account different influence factors. Based on the proposed deterioration models, several dynamic indicators of interest (reliability/RUL, energy efficiency, criticality, etc) integrating dependencies between components and available information (components’ deterioration level, energy consumption, used performance, etc) can be calculated;
(2) Proposition of decision making rules for dynamic grouping maintenance and adaptive inspection policy. The proposed decision making rules allow, from developed algorithms, providing optimal maintenance planning taking into account both the requirements associated with the main system (productivity, availability, energy efficiency, ...) and those related to its support system (spare parts, repair available, types of interventions, …);
(3) Implementation/development of optimization algorithms to determine the optimal preventive maintenance actions and planning.
Keywords: Predictive maintenance, dynamic grouping, multi-component system, dependence, PHM
Eco-Technic systems engineering