Trainee Project
Implementation of the RedWolf algorithm in an experimental platform.
2022/06/01 - 2022/07/31
The European project RedWolf aims at reducing the carbon emission of individual houses by proposing
algorithms able to analyse various sources of predictive data such as the production of electricity from solar
panels, the level of "cleanliness" of the electricity coming from the Grid, the energy needs of the inhabitants...

The objective of the Master's / Engineer's internship is to integrate these algorithms into an experimental
platform and more specifically into a PLC that will then be deployed in houses. In addition to the
implementation part, it will be required to develop a supervision interface showing in real time the benefits of
such a solution.

This work requires computer and automatic programming skills but also a good knowledge of problems related
to the energy domain.
Zero carbon house, data processing, programming, Energy
Eco-Technic systems engineering