Trainee Project
Batteries for cleaner computing : a proposed holistic decision-making approach
2022/03/15 - 2022/07/30
The digital world needs to provide services without interruption and regardless of the level of carbon emitted
to produce the electricity to power the underlying IT architectures. One solution to maintain service provision
while reducing pollution is the implementation of batteries that can store clean energy used during periods
when it is less needed. This will require (1) batteries integrated into mobile devices (laptops, telephones,
tablets, etc.), external batteries normally used as a back-up in the event of a power cut and (2) intelligent
algorithms enabling the batteries to be charged and discharged in an optimal manner, i.e. with the aim of
reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These algorithms concern the use phase, but it is necessary in an
ecological approach to integrate the entire life cycle of the computer architecture. Therefore, the development
of this architecture involving batteries should be studied in a holistic way. The aim of the Master's subject will
therefore be to develop a decision-making tool on the most suitable batteries for our application context,
taking into account the resources to be extracted from the earth, its manufacture, geopolitical choices, its
performance, its durability, its recyclability, etc. This work will be carried out in collaboration with specialists in
these fields.
Eco-Technic systems engineering