Trainee Project
Application of stochastic game models to the problem of climate change agreement design
2022/04/01 - 2022/09/30
The problem addressed in this project is the problem of agreements for managing issues related to climate changes. Our scientific point
of view is original in the sense that it combines mathematical tools from game theory, dynamical systems, and economics. Our goal
is twofold. First, we want to model and understand the decision process associated with the CO2 emission policies taken by the
governments. Second, we want to design some agreement and cooperation mechanisms that will be effectively implemented by the
governments. The Master student will first review the existing models and in particular master a model used by the Ph.D student
Bouchra Mroué (the DICE model) . Then, the student will develop a stochastic game model to model the decision process associated
with Conference of Parties and derive robust collaborative emission policies.
Game theory, stochastic games, climate change, conference of parties
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