Trainee Project
Interactions and Diffusion Learning between Industrial Communicating Objects
2022/04/01 - 2022/07/31
The subject will take place within the framework of the ANR I2RM Interactive and Intelligent physical assets control system for the Risks Management
of hazardous industrial facilities project, carried out in partnership between the CRAN laboratories, LAMIH Valenciennes and the OKKO company
specializing in Solution for the Internet of Objects .
Today, the safety of people and property is of the utmost importance in modern industrial enterprises. As can be seen during the AZF Toulouse 2001,
Leverkusen 2021 and Lubrizol 2019 industrial disaster, the risk of a major accident is mainly due to the presence of hazardous substances in such
quantities and in such conditions that handling is not very oversized. with improper positioning (leading to a harmful combination of several hazardous
products) can cause fire or explosion with potential adverse effects for workers and human health, materials and the environment. The handling, storage,
transport and elimination of hazardous substances generate specific constraints, particularly in warehouse management activities, whether manual or
The objective of the I2RM project is to guarantee a high level of risk control under the operating conditions of an industrial installation by anticipating,
preventing, avoiding and alerting any critical situation that could affect assets. and people, which could be manifested by any abnormal situation in the
positioning, movement and storage of physical assets with associated potential risks (e.g. product, crate, pallet, container, etc.), as well as their
interactions with other assets, other resources (forklift, AGV, etc.) and human operators. The project aims to design communicating equipment, tools and
associated methods in an infrastructure based on cooperating cyber-physical systems, in order to allow real-time risk management of an industrial

The project aims to define a methodology and tools derived from continuous automation and discrete event systems based on the observation and
monitoring of the states and movements of physical assets, autonomous entities and intervention operators. in supervised and critical activities at the
level of storage, handling and treatment operations within industrial facilities.
The subject will be carried out in the I2MR project and will aim to develop, develop and test services for monitoring interactions between industrial
communicating objects by using the PAN (Bluetooth BLE) type wireless network communication functions. Based on prototypes of functional
communicating objects developed in partnership with the regional company OKKO, additional algorithms will be defined, implemented on the PCAs and
tested to ensure the monitoring functions: identification of nearby objects, decision-making in case of danger.

Attention will be paid to the prospective integration of tinyML for embedded decision making on objects.

The project will consist of the following parts:
1. Bibliographic study on "Contact tracing applications and methodologies"
2. Study of BLE functionalities (Beacon, Advertisement, Connected services)
3. Specification, Design and Development of embedded services (POF for monitoring interactions between objects)

Work environment (hardware, software)
• Hardware platform: PCA communicating objects (BLE + LoRaWAN) based on ESP32
• C ++ language on Visual Studio
Internet of Things, Industrial communicating object, Servitization, Industry 4.0
Eco-Technic systems engineering