Trainee Project
Open Science Benchmarking framework
2021/10/01 - 2022/03/31
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Open Science outlines a movement towards making all aspects of the scientific process transparent and accessible to a wide audience. It brings about socio-
cultural and technological change, based on openness and connectivity, on how research is designed, performed, captured, and assessed. Having said that,
several studies show that there is still a lack of awareness about what Open Science is, which is mainly due to the fact that there is no formal and well-
agreed definition of such a concept. Several open access monitoring frameworks and tools have been proposed and developed over the last years, but this is
only one core Open Science principle amongst several, even though it is perhaps the most well-known aspect of Open Science. Indeed, other principles
should be considered such as open data, open resources, open methods, and so forth.

In this Master thesis, the goal of the research is to, first, make an exhaustive state-of-the-art about Open Science definitions and existing evaluation
frameworks in order to analyze how one or more Open Science core principles can be evaluated in a quantitative manner. As a second stage, based on the
reviewed literature, a multi-criteria decision making framework will be proposed and formalized in order to compare the quality of several organizational
institutions (e.g., Universities) by taking into consideration the decision maker/end-user preferences. Indeed, one may want to prioritize one dimension over
another (e.g., open access over open resources). The proposed framework aims to be instantiated and applied to in the context of French academic
entities/Universities in order to rank them in order of Open Science quality. From a practical and applied perspective, this research goes in line with the
French open science monitor developed in the context of the National Plan for Open Science and the Action Plan for France (see, this "French open science monitor" having been enriched/extended by University of Lorraine
Open Science, Open data, Open Access, Multicriteria Decision Making
Employer : UL
Funding : on CRAN's budget - ??
Gross Salary : 600.60 net :
Eco-Technic systems engineering
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