PostDoc Project
Investigation of cerebral mechanisms of face and people recognition in the temporal lobe with functional magnetic resonance imaging
2019/07/01 - 2020/06/30
The objectives of the project will be to develop and validate a series of paradigms to optimally measure visual recognition of familiar faces, proper names and semantic associations in the human temporal lobe with funcitonal magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). These brain functions will also be measured in temporal epileptic patients candidate to surgical resection in order to progressively take into account the outcome of these examinations to inform surgical decisions.

FMRI provides images of the brain in action during cognitive tasks, non-invasively. It has been recenlty shown that fast periodic stimulation could be used in fMRI to measure selective responses to facial categories (Gao, Gentile & Rossion, 2018, Brain Structure and Function) with a considerable increase in signal-to-noise ratio. The project will be based on this approach, already in place on the 3T MRI scanner at CHRU Brabois.

Moreover, distortion-corrected sequences to reduce magnetic suceptibility artefacts in temporal regions will be used, thanks to a scientific collaboration with the research team of M. Lambon-Ralph at MRC Cambridge (Cambridge University).

These paradigms will be tested with normal volunteers (12/15/study, two studies for the different paradigms) and applied to temporal epileptic patients. The clinical part will be done in collaboration with the epileptology and neurochirurgy units of the CHRUS, in which 30 cortical surgeries of epileptic patients are performed/year.
fMRI, person recognition, temporal lobe, epilepsy
12 months, CRAN, Nancy, 50.000 euros/year gross income, PhD in Neurosciences, psychology or cognitive science.
Support services
Biology, Signals and Systems in Cancer and Neuroscience
Région Grand Est (Call 2018 young researchers) & CHRU Nancy