Trainee Project
Observability and controlability for a class of non linear coupled PDE
2019/04/01 - 2019/09/30
The subject deals with the study of the observability and controllability of a class of nonlinear coupled PDE systems with a focus on the Vlasov Poisson equation. Indeed, despite a very extensive bibliography on the analysis of PDE behavior, there are very few results on the controllability and observability of these equations and even less on nonlinear coupled systems such as the Vlasov Poisson equation. The second part of this study concerns the analysis of these properties by finite dimensional approaches. Indeed, this analysis will be based on finite dimensional models using a given discretization approach with the objective of making the link with the results in infinite dimension.
The last part concerns the implementation and the simulation of the results on the Poisson Vlasov equation
Control Identification Diagnosis