Ph. D. Project
Decentralised intelligent control for multi-carrier microgrids applications
2017/10/12 - 2021/02/16
Other supervisor(s):
Pr Pierfederici Serge (
Microgrids (or even smart microgrid) are small power grids designed to provide a reliable power supply to a small number of consumers. They combine multiple local and diffuse production facilities (micro-turbines, fuel cells, photovoltaic panels, mini-wind turbines, small hydro), consumer installations, storage facilities and supervisory and control tools to manage demand.

Classical control designs are based on centralized controls, which are in charge of the energy control in the whole multi-vectors microgrids. This strategy implies the use of a high bandwidth communication system allowing the transmission of information between systems connected to the microgrids and the supervisor. A failure of the supervisor or the communications network leads to the blackout of the microgrids.

To improve availability and reliability of the system and improve tolerance of the system as regard to the integration of new renewable energy sources into the microgrids, the objective of this PhD thesis consists to develop a dedicated power architecture and a decentralized control strategy based on independent controls of each elements (PV plant, wind turbine, PAC, electrolyser, H2 storage, electrochemical storage, loads...).
The operation of the system has to be warranted without communications network and should be adapted following a dedicated strategy taken into account the state of charge of storage elements and/or global efficiency when a communication (even with low bandwidth) will be possible between active systems connected to the multi-carrier microgrids.

As it can be seen, this subject is at the border between electrical engineering science (electrical power architecture, modelling of electrical system, energy management strategies in microgrids) and control science (multi agents systems, distributed control, consensus and cooperative controls). The candidate should have some skills in power electronic and/or control sciences.

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decentralized control, optimisation, consensus and cooperative control, power electronics
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