Ph. D. Project
Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant control of Renewable Energy Production Systems.
2014/12/01 - 2017/11/30
This thesis aims to develop for a system of renewable energy sources multi-methodological tools for diagnosis and fault tolerant control. In this context we consider a production system, storage and smart energy consumption, able to react dynamically to its context of use in which the energy consumption is measured and monitored through a Building Enenergy Management System (BEMS). From the information flows, the energy performance of existing buildings (new and old) or perspective construction or renovation can be monitored, evaluated and controlled by the development of methodologies and tools based on factors relevant such as user behavior, weather forecasts, occurrence of faults, ...

The objective will be to develop engineering methods of cyber physical systems that are able to diagnose and adapt to dynamic and complex situations while optimizing energy efficiency of the building (or block) and ensuring the safe operation of the control system.

This thesis proposes the development of a monitoring and control scheme (diagnosis) distributed to monitor the thermal conditions in each area of the building. The objective is to control simultaneously: the indoor temperature, CO2 levels and the level of lighting in each zone by acting on the available equipment (HVAC, lighting, ...). Moreover, the case of multi-source buildings (eg solar power system + local production) in which each energy source is characterized by its own price and power limitation will be taken into account. In this context, decisions relating to each area will no longer be carried out independently. To solve this problem, a coordination mechanism based on a decomposition of centralized optimization problem will be proposed.
Fault Diagnosis, Fault Tolerant Control, Renewable Energie, Energie optimisation
Duration : 3 years
Location : EMSI , CRAN
Control Identification Diagnosis
EMSI funding