15/10/2020 - 20H30
« Attenuate parkinsonian cerebral oscillations through Automatic System », Antoine Chaillet (Professor at CentraleSupélec)

Thursday 15 October at 8.30 pm in lecture hall 8 of the Faculty of Science and Technology in Vandœuvre

Summary: The symptoms of Parkinson's disease are correlated with cerebral oscillations in certain deep areas of the brain. Deep brain stimulation, in which these areas are stimulated with weak electrical impulses using implanted electrodes, counteracts these oscillations and thus considerably improves the patient's quality of life. However, the stimulation strategies currently used in the clinic operate in an open loop, i.e. the stimulation signal is always the same, regardless of the patient's condition or activity. Furthermore, the mechanisms by which these pathological oscillations occur are still unknown.

In this talk, Alain Chaillet will show how the tools of Automation can be used to meet these challenges and will propose stimulation strategies capable of adapting in real time to the patient's brain activity and of attenuating the cerebral oscillations.