21/11/2019 - 14H00
CO2 Team seminar
Mathieu Granzotto

Next CO2 team seminar will take place on Thursday, November 21st in room 124 yellow of the ENSEM. Mathieu Granzotto will give a presentation entitled "Optimistic planning for the near-optimal control of nonlinear switched discrete-time systems with stability guarantees".

Abstract:  Originating in the artificial intelligence literature, optimistic planning (OP) is an algorithm that generates near-
optimal control inputs for generic nonlinear discrete-time systems whose input set is finite. This technique is therefore
relevant for the near-optimal control of nonlinear switched systems, for which the switching signal is the control. However,
OP exhibits several limitations, which prevent its application in a standard control context. First, it requires the stage
cost to take values in [0,1], an unnatural prerequisite as it excludes, for instance, quadratic stage costs. Second, it
requires the cost function to be discounted. Third, it applies for reward maximization, and not cost minimization. In this
talk, we modify OP to overcome these limitations, and we call the new algorithm OPmin. We then make stabilizability
and detectability assumptions, under which we derive near-optimality guarantees for OPmin and we show that the obtained
bound has major advantages compared to the bound originally given by OP. In addition, we prove that a system whose inputs
are generated by OPmin in a receding-horizon fashion exhibits stability properties. As a result, OPmin provides a new tool for
the near-optimal, stable control of nonlinear switched discrete-time systems for generic cost functions