20/11/2019 - 14H00
Dr Damiano ROTONDO
Post-doctorant à l’Institut de Robotique - Université Polytechnique de Catalogne - Barcelone (Espagne)

Dans le cadre de sa visite au CRAN du 07/11 au 23/12, Damiano Rotondo (Post-doctorant à l’Institut de Robotique - Université Polytechnique de Catalogne - Barcelone (Espagne)) donnera deux séminaires : le 20 novembre et le 18 décembre.


Le 20/11 de 14h à 17h en Salle 215 Bâtiment AIP, Campus Sciences, Vandoeuvre, avec un exposé intitulé "Analysis and design of linear parameter varying systems using linear matrix inequalities".

Abstract: In the last decades, linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) have attracted a growing interest due to the possibility of using them to characterize a wide class of problems that arise in systems and control theory. Since the year 2000, the amount of published papers that deal with LMIs has increased in an impressive manner, such that the 21st century has been defined by some authors as the "flourishing period of LMIs". This seminar provides an introduction to the analysis and design of control systems using LMIs, with a special focus on linear parameter varying (LPV) systems. Several specifications, such as D-stability, guaranteed H infinity performance and guaranteed quadratic cost, as well as different control structures, such as state-feedback control, output-feedback control and observer-based control, are covered by the seminar. An example based on a simplified model of a two-degrees-of-freedom helicopter (TRMS) will be used to illustrate the overall design methodology using LMIs.