31/10/2019 - 14H00
Projet CO² - Djahid Rabehi ( Post-doctorant )
Finite-gain L_1 Event-triggered Interval Observers design for Continuous-time Linear Systems

Le prochain séminaire de l'équipe CO² aura lieu le jeudi 31 octobre à 14h en salle 124 jaune à l'ENSEM.


Djahid Rabehi (ATER) fera un exposé intitulé "Finite-gain L_1 Event-triggered Interval Observers design for Continuous-time Linear Systems".

Abstract: This work introduces a new approach based on an event-triggered mechanism to design finite-gain $L_1$ interval observers for linear continuous-time systems in the presence of unknown-but-bounded uncertainties with a priori known bounds on state disturbances and measurement noises. In this setting, measurements are aperiodically sampled in order to reduce online communication between the sensors and the estimation algorithm. The proposed event-triggered mechanism relies on a dynamic condition that depends on the width of the feasible domain of the system’s uncertainties and the width of the estimated state enclosures. Moreover, the proposed approach guarantees the existence of a positive lower bound on the interevent times, which avoids the Zeno phenomenon. On the other hand, although the sensors data are used in an irregular sampling way, the L1-stability performance of the estimation error is satisfied.