4th Days of Clinical Neurophysiology

The 4th Journées de Neurophysiologie Clinique (JNC) will take place this year in Nancy from 19 to 21 June 2019.

These days, organized by the Society of Clinical Neurophysiology of the French Language, are the annual event for all neurophysiology lovers. Every year, it brings together specialists as diverse as neurophysiologists, neurologists, neuropaediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitation physicians, neuroscientists, nurses and technicians interested in - or practicing - neurophysiology. The neurophysiological approach is a natural interface between clinical sciences and neurosciences. These annual days provide an updated review of the latest scientific and medical advances in clinical neurophysiology of the central and peripheral nervous system. The programme that has been drawn up jointly by the SNCLF's scientific council and the local organising committee reflects the richness of this common discipline, which brings us together in our diversity of practice and experience.  Thus, the thematic day of June 19 will be devoted to the physiology and pathophysiology of the temporal lobe. Other scientific sessions will cover topics as varied as cortical stimulation and tDCS, exploration of peripheral proximal injuries, unit recordings, neurophysiological diagnosis of functional neurological disorders, new technologies in sleep exploration, abnormal movements in peripheral neuropathies, neurophysiology of attention control. We will also benefit from two plenary lectures by exceptional speakers which will allow us to conclude the days of June 19 and 20 with a beautiful conclusion: on semantic memory by Professor Matthew Lambon Ralph of Cambridge and on perception at Bergson by Professor Frederic Worms of the ENS Paris.

Detailed scientific program

Full program