18/06/2019 - 17H30
Our researchers working to fight cancer

Our researchers are participating in a meeting with citizens on cancer research, organized by the Grand Est region and the Cancéropôle Est.

See you on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 5:30 pm at Domaine du Charmois in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy.


Citizens are invited to come and discuss with eight researchers from Cancéropôle Est on the work and progress of cancer research.

Registrations at florence.schaffner (at) canceropole-est.org

Four workshop-discussions, without prior knowledge

During workshops and discussions, the researchers will tell their daily lives and lead visitors to the heart of their research. In twenty minutes, each researcher will present to small groups his activity around a demonstrative experience or objects from his daily life. The meetings are held without prior knowledge of the topics presented.

The public will then be able to interact with several researchers on the following themes:

- What is the evolution of physical practice throughout cancer? (coordinators: Dr Aurélie Van Hoye and Dr Christine Rotonda).

- Liquid biopsy, an innovative tool for circulating markers. (coordinators: Prof. Jean-Louis Merlin and Dr. Pauline Gilson).

- Radiation is good for your health! (coordinators: Dr Guillaume Vogin and Dr Liza Hettal).

- Development and implementation of new therapeutic approaches. (coordinators: Dr Sophie Pinel and Dr Cédric Boura).

More information: Cancéropôle Est