Acquisition of the Octav device
On Monday May 27th, Damae Medical installed at the CRAN the first medical device available in France (and worldwide) for imaging biological tissues using the LC-OCT method. The CRAN is the first purchaser of this device for which the French company Damae Medical holds the exclusive right.

This acquisition is the first of a series of 4 equipments planned in 2019 at CRAN as part of the CPER 2015-2020 "Technological Innovations, Modelling & Personalized Medicine" (IT2MP).
CPER IT2MP plans to create at CRAN the PhotoVivo platform for the characterization of biological tissues by multispectral optical label free methods applied to cancer diagnosis.
The funding of the CPER is provided by France's state, the Grand Est Region and the ERDF. Co-financing is provided by the "Ligue contre le cancer".




The LC-OCT method (linefield confocal optical coherence tomography) allows to acquire images of biological tissues up to 500 micrometers deep, without marking (label free) and has axial and lateral resolutions of 2 micrometers.