Researchers from the CRAN, in collaboration with hospital practitioners at CHRU Nancy, are organizing the "Neurosciences, Neuro-oncology and Digital" week, from May 13 to 17, dedicated to engineering and medical students.









Speakers :




Pr Luc TAILLANDIER, PUPH, CHRU de Nancy ("Head and neck division" -Neuro-oncology division director), CRAN (Dept BioSIS)
Dr Marie BLONSKI, CHRU de Nancy ("Head and neck division" -Neuro-oncology division), CRAN (Dept BioSIS)
Dr Fabien RECH, CHRU de Nancy ("Head and neck division" - Neurosurgery division), CRAN (Dept BioSIS)
Pr René ANXIONNAT, PUPH, CHRU de Nancy (Neuroradiology division)
Dr Antoine VERGER, CHRU de Nancy (Nuclear medicine division)
Dr Celso POUGET, CHRU de Nancy (Pathological anatomy division)
Pr Jean-Marie MOUREAUX, professor at TELECOM Nancy (Deputy director), researcher at the CRAN (Dept BioSIS)
Dr Sophie MÉZIÈRES, professor at IUT Nancy Charlemagne, researcher at IECL (INRIA - team BIGS)
Cyril BRZENCZEK, PhD student at the CRAN (Dépt BioSIS)

May 13th is open to the public (subject to availability) and is dedicated to courses/conferences on the theme. Registration link