AIPL - salle 215 - 27/03 - 16h
Prof. Dr. António B. Moniz de l’Institut de Karlsruhe de Technologie (KIT)  : « Emerging problems of human-machine interaction and innovative solutions»

Abstract :
One of the challenging issue regarding human-machine systems’ design is the consideration of human specificities. Integrating elements related to human needs during the system’s design phases is paramount for safe and efficient interactions between human operator and equipment. A compatible human-machine system will also improve the interactions between humans. Nevertheless, potential dysfunctions leading to human-machine system incompatibility emerge when the complexity of technical systems increases. Therefore, through a risk assessment approach, in the context of new emerging technologies, these dysfunctions can be anticipated and technical system can be redesigned before deployment or readapted in workplaces, to meet human needs. 
In this presentation I will focus on the integration of technology with regard to individual and organizational consequences, where control and competences have now a major role in successful integration. Innovative solutions are also needed to solve the emerging problems and dysfunctionalities on the work organization level.
Biography :
António Moniz is Professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of University NOVA Lisbon, with habilitation for Full Professorship since 2001. He is coordinator of the PhD Programme on "Technology Assessment" (UNL). He is also Researcher of the Institute of Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis at the  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology since 2011. He is Director of the Observatory of Technology Assessment (OAT) of CICS.NOVA centre (since 2015). He is Sociologist (diploma and doctorate), and he is established at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology (UNL) since 1983. He was President (elected) of the Department of Social Applied Sciences of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia (UNL), 2001-2007. He is member of the Strategy Board of CICS.NOVA (since 2016). He was an executive elected member of the RC30 Research Committee on Sociology of Work (1998-2002) and since 2014, he is a board member of the RC23 Research Committee on Sociology of Science and Technology of ISA-International Sociological Association. He published recently a book on Robotics and Work [Robótica e Trabalho: o Futuro Hoje, Lisboa, Glaciar, 251 pp.]