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Department Health-Biology-Signal (SBS)

Leaders: Muriel Barberi-Heyob et Walter Blondel

Structuring of the "Health-Biology-Signal" (SBS) department results from the gathering of researchers under the STIC (instrumentation, signal and image processing) and life sciences (biology and medicine). This research plan will be completed by the study of fundamental aspects to clinical transfer through a coordinated interdisciplinary approach of research.

The major strategic direction of SBS department is to prevent disciplines compartmentalization in order to strengthen and contribute to progresses of knowledge, methods and techniques of diagnosis and treatment in cancer and epileptology.

Driven by the medical purpose, our research is interdisciplinary and has a strong translational valence (bidirectional translational research).

The scientific activities of the SBS department rely on the development of an applied, targeted and unconfined research based on 3 interdisciplinary projects devoted to the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic multi-modality and multi-scale approaches in oncology and neurology:

  - BEAM "Integrative Biology: Cybernetics of radiation therapies";
  - DART "Advanced Diagnostics and Translational Research";
  - ESpACe "Study of Physiological Signals for Cognition and Epilepsy."

As disciplinary support of these three interdisciplinary projects, the SBS department relies on two early research projects (theoretical and methodological) in signal processing and in biology respectively within two projects:

  - Simul "Multidimensional Signals";
  - STICMo "Innovative Therapeutic Strategies and molecular targets"

As research priorities in SBS department in the fields of oncology and neurology, our major scientific orientations are:

  - The development of noninvasive methods of early cancer photodiagnosis usable in clinical practice;
  - Identification and functionality of strategic molecular targets
  - Biomarkers evaluation and translational clinical research;
  - Tumor selectivity improvement for image-guided ionizing and non-ionizing radiation therapy;
  - The development of localization methods of electrophysiological source using EEG (electroencephalography)
  - The development of investigative research identified as theoretical and methodological in the field of multidimensional signal processing.