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BP 70239 - 54506 VANDOEUVRE Cedex
Tél : +33 (0)3 72 74 52 90
Department Control, Identification, Diagnosis (CID)

Leaders: Gilles Millérioux and   Didier Maquin

The CID Department focuses on the control of cyber-physical systems. Major topics considered include modeling and identification, analysis, control and observation, and diagnosis. Research activities are both fundamental and practically-oriented, driven by central and timely challenges arising from the current growth of system complexity and integration.

The Department's work is motivated by strategic and social concerns in the fields of energy, transportation, environment, manufacturing processes, and communication. For example, the Department is especially interested in energy management for low-consumption buildings, reduction of pollutants in the automotive industry, water resource management, or security and safety of networked systems.

The main research interests of CID concern systems with complex architectures involving interconnected agents which are likely to be heterogeneous: hybrid systems, embedded systems, cooperative systems or distributed intelligence systems. Fundamental issues such as the control of systems with strong nonlinearities, subjected to stringent constraints in terms of performances or security, or having a high dimensionality, are typically addressed.

The Department is organized in 5 projects:

- Identification and data-based Modelling of dynamical systems (iModel)
  - Control and OPtimization of HYbrid systems (COPHY)
  - Robustness and Complexity (Robs&Copx)
  - Co-design of Fault Tolerant Control Architectures and Methodologies for Dynamic Systems (CSDF)
  - Diagnosis anf Fault Tolérant Systems (DST)